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As there is light to drive away shadow
so too is there benevolence to banish evil
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8th-Feb-2011 03:51 am - ❧ INFORMATION
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Character Name: Princess Zelda
Character’s Age: Early twenties
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Timeline: Zelda comes post game and post a_trialbyfire
Zelda is a tall and willowy young woman, with a pale complexion, clear, blue eyes, and fair hair that falls, straight and thick, to the base of her shoulder-blades. It used to be longer, but at one point, was cropped off to the scalp in World's End. Her ears are long and taper to a point, her limbs slender, her hands gentle. She carries herself with a quiet, unassuming confidence, her head held high - she is every inch the princess, every part the perfect lady.

She may be without her diadem of gold and jewels, but a plain band the colour of iron, and her clothing may consist less of silk and velvet gowns and more of tunics, leggings, and even the occasional pair of jeans, but it doesn’t hide the air of regality she possesses. She has an air of one much older, and often her expression is sombre. At times, a weariness hangs about her like a heavy shroud - but her smiles wash all this away easily enough and reveal her for the young woman she is.

Composed, delicate, and graceful, Zelda speaks soft but crystal clear. But it would be unwise to miss the set of her jaw, the line of her shoulders, the fire in her eyes - there's steel beneath all that silk, after all.
The plot of Twilight Princess can be found here. Her RP history follows..
  • She arrived in a city named Purgatorium imminently following Ganondorf's defeat. Based on two levels, Zelda found herself in a drab grey place, unable to see the sky, and being penalized for her apparent sins. The circumstances, her canon point, and the uncharacteristic actions of the Midna she found there weighed heavily on her mind, but she found a place to stay and worked as a tailor for Misa Amane.
  • Her enemy from Hyrule, the one who first usurped her throne, turned up. Her wariness of him gave her a more solid footing and a focus. She turned from despairing over what was lost to looking ahead.
  • Purgatorium was destroyed in a war between the gods, tearing the city into ruins. Much of the population died or vanished - Zelda was one of the survivors. With her powers now returned to her, she set about doing what she could to help the others still trapped there, as well as the newcomers that continued to arrive.
  • Because of the work she was doing, as well as her attitude to the situation, Zelda was able to begin strong alliances. She was disliked, however, by the 'evil' god, Atra, and also made an enemy out of Albert Wesker due to his judging her a hopeless princess.
  • From some of the renovated buildings, Zelda began to build a Sanctuary - somewhere to offer peace and safety to her fellow refugees. It was also the place where she did the majority of her healing.
  • After rallying a group together to rescue Zack Fair from Wesker, Zack pledged himself to her service. This was the formal beginning of her Queensguard, which over the course of time saw a variety of members - Sheik, Riqis, Prince, Nina, Itachi, Link, Naoto, Impa, and Angeal. She had a strong network of friends and allies, and on more than one occasion had a prophetic dream, loosely foretelling a number of deaths as well as the appearance of the wizard's rainbow.
  • Well-respected and looked to as a spiritual leader by many, Zelda was elected the city's foremost governor. She was given a crown - a simple band of dark, silvery metal, engraved with the words Lady of World's End.
  • Zelda began to develop romantic feelings for Prince, which would not be uncovered despite it being obvious as all get out until a lowered unhibitions event. She would eventually be betrothed to him.
  • Though Rufus had always been an ally - even a friend - after an altercation consisting of her wanting to ensure he was unharmed after a death, he ceased supporting her and often spoke out against her. He was one of the loudest voices in insinuating that Zelda was attempting to take over the Task Force.
  • Zelda continued her work, even becoming a sister or mother figure to some of the city's residents. She did a great deal to organize resources, renovations, and the set-up of a seperate medical centre.
  • She returned to Hyrule suddenly, after over a year in World's End - whilst there, the memory of that place was like a vague dream. It was not too long, however, before she returned. Her recollection grew stronger and the knowledge began to come back to her - and then she was taken from World's End once more.
A month or so after this, she would arrive in Bell Pointe.
Princess Zelda may well seem like something straight out of a fairytale at a glance. She is virtuous and righteous to an extreme, good, kind, noble - as well as intelligent, reliable, and wise. She is proud, but never conceited. Logical, but never detached. Just, but always compassionate. She possesses a wisdom and clarity beyond her years, and is level-headed and reasonable regardless of what turn the circumstances around her take.

She is, first and foremost, a ruler - and she strives to be the best possible monarch she can be. She lives selflessly, devoted to others rather than to herself, and would never hesitate in carrying another burden, another weight, if it would spare someone else's shoulders. Soft though she may seem, soft though part of her may be, there's a diamond-hard core in there, and her strength is sometimes overlooked by those willing to dismiss a young woman with pointed ears. Adversity is approached with dignity, with an unfaltering determination to see things through. Zelda does not lose herself to despair, or to anger, or to bitterness - for one thing, she is a ruler, and such things are not hers to give in to. And, most importantly, Zelda genuinely believes that there is always hope.

With this in mind, Zelda can appear idealistic, or naive. In some ways, she is - she remains young, after all, but scant though her years may be, they have taught her a great deal, and her idealism is tempered by her wisdom. World's End, too, broke down black and white into shades of grey - Zelda became a sharper mind there, more wont to consider something from different aspects then to risk a poor judgement. Rooted in logic as she is, she can appear cold and impartial - such things are necessity, arguably, and she can be sharp-tongued and aloof when the situation calls for it. She does not tolerate fools, nor those who would treat her as such.

In her determination lies tenacity, too, and though she will do her best to avoid a fight, if needs must, she will stand by what she believes in until the last. She is more than willing to involve herself in dangerous situation if she deems it necessary - and, admittedly, there's a bit of an adventurer's spirit in there somewhere. World's End drew it out somewhat - no longer was Zelda cooped up in a castle, and no longer was she expected to generally sit back and watch the world go by. She enjoys new experiences, and for all her intellect, feels that one is never finished learning. Composed and graceful as she is, it's not unheard of to find her slightly giddy at the prospect of, say, being carried over rooftops by a daring Persian.

Zelda can be prone to strong feelings of guilt. When things turn ill, she often blames herself first and foremost. Even in her wisdom, there is a sense that the responsibility is hers. As stated, she never shies away from a burden. A great weight hangs on her brow, one she is almost constantly adding too, and her solemnity and wisdom do often make her seem older - but those who become friends may soon realise that her laughter and smiles are distinctly girlish. She is, ultimately, a kind, loving woman - someone who seeks to serve those around her to the best of her ability. A leader, after all, is there to serve. She is seemingly eternally patient, polite, and considerate. She loves easily, and with all her heart.

Wisdom need not go hand in hand with cold, and the princess is a prime example of this.
As the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda has a few notable abilities she can call upon.
  • Zelda possesses a wisdom beyond her years, and a considerable clarity even when the odds are stacked against her. Though this is not entirely the doing of the Triforce, it does help to keep her grounded and make just judgements.
  • Presence - Nayru gave her wisdom, but also love. Her presence is noteworthy in that it is almost unfalteringly calming, even soothing. This makes it easier for her to placate people in strenuous situations.
  • Barriers/Wards - Zelda is capable of crafting shields to keep out things that would mean her or her allies harm. They can vary in power, with the strongest generally being the shortest. For long-term use they need frequent renewing. She can also break many barriers crafted by others.
  • Healing - An ability refined in World's End, Zelda is a skilled healer, and is able to fix a great deal of damage done to a person. The process can be a taxing one, however, and it's important that the healing is timely.
  • Clairvoyancy - this power is not nearly as well developed as it has been for some of Zelda's ancestors and descendants, and occurs rarely and at random. Usually, it only manifests in precognitive dreams. It is possible that Zelda could hone this ability and vary it, but such would take time to be reliable.
  • Farore's Wind - Allows Zelda to warp over a short distance.
  • Din's Fire - An offensive spell allowing Zelda to either conjure a ball of flames she can then control, or a dome of fire that grows around her.
  • Nayru's Love - A temporary shield that appears as a trandparent blue diamond around her. Nothing can get through it, but the time span is very short.
  • Other magic - Zelda can, if necessary, call upon a little light magic, or energy, either in the form of a ball or as something to charge her movement, such as a slap.
  • Archery - Zelda is a skilled shot with a bow, even on horseback.
  • Swordsmanship - She is capable of using a sword if she must - though not a great strength, she honed this ability somewhat in World's End. Her physical strength, however, isn't much to speak of, and she is very inexperienced.

Zelda's intellect and basic physical prowess will remain unaffected. For her magic, however...
  • Presence - The effect of this is determined by other players.
  • Barriers/Wards - Very difficult to keep going for longer than a few seconds, and may well have a habit of failing.
  • Healing - This magic will wear Zelda out far quicker than it would otherwise.
  • Clairvoyancy - This will not occur in Bell Pointe.
  • Farore's Wind - Seldom ever works, prone to backfiring.
  • Din's Fire - Much weaker and far less likely to work.
  • Nayru's Love - Zelda can only use this very rarely.
  • Other magic - This will seldom be at all effective, and may even cause Zelda a degree of pain. It will also be far more taxing to cast.
7th-Feb-2011 05:59 am(no subject)
❧ 001
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19th-Dec-2009 05:54 pm - 125 - [Voice]
❧ 001
[Quiet, ringing a little hollow out of grief and, perhaps, shame.]

One of Rion's creatures... Ketara, I think is her name...

She teleported his body here. And - and Dawn's, too.

[Confusion animates her voice somewhat after a pause and a brief click of the throat as she swallows.]

They are uninjured, no wounds, nothing to betray what did this... It is more like a coma, but - they are not there. I cannot feel them.
19th-Dec-2009 01:25 pm - 124 - [Voice]
❧ 001
They went with the dawn...

[She takes a breath, and sighs minutely.]

I wonder then, are they sensitive to light? And if so, if we could build and maintain some sort of magic... or must it be the sun? I suppose there is but one way to find out, isn't there? If the night does not swallow it up regardless, I will see what can be done about that. If any wish to lend their ability, please let me know.

And on that note, I pose a question to those of us capable of using magic: have any of you the ability to heal, or even to support the healing magic of another or help to speed it along? I do not want to take chances if I can, especially with... What the nights have been bringing.

Ryu, you will aid me in the hospital, won't you?

[CLAIRE // Private; unhackable]

My lady, can I do aught for you?

[ZACK // Private; unhackable]

Angeal is back, I see. I... remembered him, when he spoke.

How are you, Zack?
6th-Dec-2009 12:37 am - 123 - [Voice]
❧ 001
They come no kinder, evidently. But I had known that would be the case.

[She pauses, maybe about to say more on the subject. Then swallows.]

All the same, we go on. I have been absent for a time, and wish to do what I can now that I return. Please, let me know where I may be of aid, and allow me to set to it. I will need to look once more on what we have here, however, unless one of my own has been keeping track?

As before, however, I am here to heal whoever has need of it. I do not know how many others remain with the ability, or what stock we have for things to help it along, but for those who know not where to find me, I am usually in the Sanctuary.

My lady Claire, I would very much like to speak with you as soon as you're able.
1st-Dec-2009 08:14 pm - 122 - [Voice]
❧ 001
Well, this is not quite the same as the other times...

Still, it seems there are still stock of warmer things at the Sanctuary, if anyone is unprepared for the cold. A few of the windows snapped that last spell...
25th-Nov-2009 06:33 pm - 001 - [Voice/Video]
❧ 001
[The communicator rustles, not in an acidental manner. Evidently, this is someone who already knows what it is and is just trying to figure out how to use it. Or what it is. The voice is quiet and far away and, perhaps, instantly recognisable.]

I remember... this was...

[There's a long pause, and the video swings into focus, but that, at least, was accidental. The screen shows fabric for a moment, white and lilac. Someone has their gloved arms folded over their chest. It's bitterly cold, after all.]

Wait --

[The camera shifts as the device is moved, panning down the street.]

Was it like this...?

[The woman gives a dry little chuckle. Metal rings softly as she shakes her head.]

Strange, that a dream should claim so much. But, all the same...

[The camera clicks off, the voice continues.]

It does not well feel like the rest.
1st-Oct-2009 09:51 pm - 121 - text;
❧ 001
It seems that we are sorely in need of records kept in regards to the citizens of World’s End. To this end, I am conducting a census of people in the city. Respond to me here with your name, at the least, as well as where you can generally be found and your occupation, should you have one. This will aid us in times when people come and go.

Claire, Sakura, I have compiled an inventory of what we have here at the Sanctuary and things that we may be wise to try and find. As it is, I was able to get some cuckoo chicks in Termina – hopefully eggs will be a little easier to come by, now, once they grow, and perhaps we can have a slightly more reliable source of food. Aaron, I believe we should discuss what stocks we have and what we need. Also, Claire and the rest of you involve, well done in creating some power. I understand it’s important to some of us. I know it is not a subject I am well versed in, yet if I can be of help, let me know.

[QUEENSGUARD // Unhackable]

The Task Force numbers are grievous low, and our own lessened. It is my wish that I inform Angeal and Claire that you shall work alongside them, as the city requires. If you do not wish to do so, let me know now.

[ZACK, LINK, NAOTO, IMPA // Unhackable]

If there is aught I can do for you, I entreat you to let me know. It is strange to think him gone, as well as the others.

[PRIVATE // Unhackable]

Goddesses know, we need a way of keeping track.
5th-Sep-2009 04:06 pm - 120 - [Voice]
❧ 001
Yukina and Midna have disappeared. I am sure there are others... Rarely do people seem to leave in such small numbers.

And there are those I have not yet spoken to, also. Forgive me. I am Zelda, Lady of the city. If you have need of aught, I will seek to provide it. Notably, shelter. If you do not yet have a suitable place to stay, please let me know. I can find a place for you. Also, if any need healing, I will do what I can.

Those dreams were fell things this time, but I suppose they always are. Regardless, is anywhere still suffering from flood damage from that which came a few weeks ago? We seem to have cleared the worst of it, at least. On that note, it may be prudent if we begin making preparations for the winter. There is already a chill in the air, and I do not doubt that it will come as it did before.

ARTHURCollapse )

HARRYCollapse )

IMPACollapse )

KONANCollapse )

NAOTOCollapse )

PRINCECollapse )


RIQISCollapse )

RYUCollapse )

SAKURACollapse )

VALERIACollapse )

ZACKCollapse )
24th-Aug-2009 08:18 pm(no subject)
❧ 001
Family are visiting this week, so I definitely won't be around as much, if at all. School's also starting up next week, so this is the obligatory 'may need to drop some will be slow with rest' talk, alas. This affects Zelda, Sheik, Nabooru, L, Jaime, and Sephiroth, all of whom will still be putzing around, doing their things.
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